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"You really saw this through with a tenacity that only you possess. No  other attorney would have gone to these lengths! You are the hero!"

"I was referred to Stephane Zwirn to serve as my attorney when we purchased our NYC condo. Not only was she incredibly well versed and competent, she quickly became a very good friend of my wife and I. Since then I’ve referred her to several people in NYC (including my son); everyone has thanked me! When anyone asks for the best real estate/land use attorney in NYC, her name always is mentioned. She is widely recognized as one of the best there is in NYC.”

"I wanted to express that it was an absolute pleasure working with you. The collaboration was stress free and you were very effective and knowledgeable on every issue encountered. You can count on me for lifetime referrals. Thanks again."

"You were such a pleasure to work with that as soon as I unpack I am putting the apartment on the market again so I can sell it with you."

"Thank you for all you've done (including walk on water) to get us through this process."

"I can not say enough positive things about Stephane. The expertise she commands in her field, the dedication and concern she consistently brings to her clients and the complete honesty she exhibits makes her an easy choice."

"She treats clients like family and I totally trust her."

"I tell my clients you are a quick, fierce negotiator and will explore all options and look for solutions."

"You always end a meeting feeling better, and knowing more than when you sat down. She is the perfect balance of personality, professionalism, and proficiency!"

"Stephane is smart, diligent and a great advocate for her clients. She always goes the extra mile to ensure her clients walk away happy."

"Stephane has experience working in Mexico City and other international areas. She worked in a very timely manner, and made sure my US and Argentine rights were protected. I felt totally confident and secure in her work. Stephane is also one of the nicest and most generous people I've met in a long time. I know she has my best interests at heart."

"I love that you are a no-nonsense attorney and a really cool, balanced person on the other side of that – I admire that!!"

"There is just no end to the lengths you will go to accommodate your clients."

"Thank you for all of your good work. I have appreciated your clarity and kindness in walking me through this process."

"Thank you Stephane! You have been great keeping me in the loop in every step, thank you for all your effort, especially even over the weekend. Your strong work ethic is so very impressive, as always."

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